My favourite everyday nude, pink, mauve and taupe lipsticks

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As someone who is typically more interested in applying and experimenting with eye makeup, it is great to have have some more neutral lip colours to easily pair with these different makeup looks.

I have underlying yellow tones to my skin, and so the vast majority of pink shades unfortunately do not suit me. So, in this list, you will find more subtle pinks that do not have blue undertones…. in other words, those of us who don’t typically suit pink can wear these lip colours! (Hoorah!)

These are 10 of my favourite everyday lip colours, each varying in colour, texture and staying power. Some of these colours are softer than others, which makes them great to pair with more natural looks, or for those days where you can’t be bothered doing your usual full routine and just want to wear the bare minimum, but still have some colour in your lips.

1.  L’Oréal Colour Riche in 800 Fairest Nude


This lipstick is easy to apply and is really moisturising on the lips. This is a great everyday colour and although you will most definitely need to reapply after eating, it does stay well with general wear. Although the colour is called ‘nude’ it is definitely a more punchy nude, which is just a little more bold on the lip than you would expect.

loreal800 lip on

2.  Rimmel London ‘Lasting finish by Kate’ in 07 Rossetto/Rouge

kate lips trio

This lipstick is also moisturising and effortlessly easy to apply. Similar staying power to the L’Oréal lippy above, although it has a slightly more waxy texture which means it lightly stains your lips so you it won’t completely wear off by the time you decide to reapply. It is a little darker than the picture shown below, but as it doesn’t have heavy pink tones and is slightly more brown, it really works with every makeup look.

lipstick on kate

3. M.A.C in A23 Cremesheen Modesty

mac lipsticks

As you can see, this one was definitely one of my favourites. I am currently scooping out the remains with a lipstick brush (which is very effective in creating strong lines, although annoying to carry in my bag). I would highly recommend this lipstick. MAC lipsticks are always very moisturising to wear, and this one is no different, although you do have to reapply fairly frequently. I found that this lipstick did not transfer, unlike some other bolder MAC lipstick colours, although maybe I just didn’t notice it so much because this is a fairly pale colour in comparison. The lighting in the photo is not great, as this lippy actually has a really lovely light dewey taupe shine to it, which is why it jumped to the top of my list of favourite lipsticks so quickly. This really is a must have staple lipstick.

mac on

4. Maybelline New York ‘ColourSensational’ in 205 Nearly There

maybelline 205

This lipstick has much more of a shimmer to it than the above lipsticks, which makes it a really good match to matte eye makeup looks, adding the wow factor to what would otherwise be a more plain look. This is another which will require fairly frequent retouching (especially after eating), assuming you are going to be wearing it all day. This lipstick in person is very shimmery and ever so slightly more brown than it seems in the picture below.

mayb on

5. Calvin Klein ‘One’ in 800 Naked (Gloss)
ck gloss trio

This Calvin Klein gloss I bought originally to wear over my ‘Dollface’ CK lipstick (number 6 on this list), but I find it is quite a nice gloss to wear alone also. There is a slight pinkness to the gloss but it is far more translucent in colour which makes for a more simple, less bold lip.

ck gloss on

6. Calvin Klein ‘One’ in 120 Dollface

calvin klein lipstick

This lipstick is far more pink than the others on this list, which makes it a little more risky for the non-pink wearers. Paired with the gloss above, the pink is really toned town to a more nude colour which is nice, but if you’re daring, the colour is really beautiful by itself. I would recommend using some more pinky colours in your makeup look (opt for a pink blush rather than orange, and pinkier nudes for eye shadows) just to balance and soften this look.

ck lipstick on

7. Prestige Lipliner/Contour in L.91 Cameo

lip pencil

This lipliner is a really nice everyday colour. Some people may be intimidated by this colour. However, given that it is a fairly dark plum colour, it can be easily toned down by pairing with a lip balm or gloss. Some light lip balm also eases application as the liner is fairly waxy. This is really great for enhancing your lips, and can also be used to make your lips look bigger by applying a little above/below your true lip line. #KylieJenner

lip liner on

8.  Revlon ColourBurst in 70 Soft Nude

revlon trio

This colour is what I consider to be a true nude lip colour. For me, this makes it a little awkward to wear because in some lights my lips can appear to be washed out, but depending on my makeup look, for example, being paired with a darker smokey eye, it can also be a very complimenting colour. I would 100% recommend this colour for all those girls who have the ‘I’m wearing foundation on my lips look’, because that’s almost what it looks like (depending on how tanned you are), but it is far more moisturising and pleasing to wear than I imagine foundation would be… haha

This lip colour is far lighter than the others on this list, and it is important to note that it is slightly on the pinkier side. Definitely try before you buy.

revlon on

9. L’Oréal Paris ‘Gloss Brilliance’ 6hour Glam Shine in 200 Mauve

loreal gloss trio

This lipgloss is an old favourite, from back in my lipgloss phase a year or so ago (and since, I have collected most of the colours in this L’Oréal gloss range). Although a bit sticky, the colour is long lasting. I would recommend wearing with your hair up, unless you happen to be out on a perfectly wind-free day. This colour is a really nice deep mauve colour, very flattering on the lips and the pointed applicator makes it easy to apply. I wore this colour earlier today and it was still on after finishing my Canadian pancakes and latté, so it does tick ‘the long-lasting’ box.

loreal gloss on

10. CoverGirl 24 hour lipstick in 593

covergirl trio

This lipstick is one of my older ones, however Cover Girl do still stock a fairly wide range of these 24 hour lipsticks and I must say they are definitely long lasting. Hence, I did this one last (I am still wearing it as I write this as it is not easily removed). This lipstick may still need to be reapplied but only to the inner lips after eating and drinking more greasy foods. When doing this it is important to not re-cover the entire lip as too much of this product can make it ball up on the lips and become a little lumpy. This lipstick is best worn with its compatible covergirl gloss, which is a light gloss to keep lips smooth given the fairly drying formula. I would definitely recommend this formula (also great in the red and orange colours) for nights out when you don’t want to be constantly checking your lipstick in the bathroom.

coergirl on

Another lip colour that I wear on a daily basis is Maybelline Colour Drama in Nude Perfection. This one is creamy like M.A.C lipsticks, but for a fraction of the price. You can get these at the Priceline for about $10 and there are a few great colours in this range. Instead of including pictures, I have used the youtube video I made from when these lipsticks were on sale, which covers a few of my favourites from the Colour Drama range. You can find me speaking about Nude Perfection at 6 minutes in my video below.

I hope you enjoyed my list of favourite everyday lip colours and I hope I have inspired you to consider some of the darker colours for everyday wear!

Thanks for reading

Lily x


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