Review: BYS ‘NUDE 2’ PALETTE and LACURA BEAUTY ‘BARELY THERE’ PALETTE; a take on Urban Decays original ‘Naked’ series

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Hello Ladies!

Ever since Urban Decay came to Mecca I have been dying to get my hands on their Naked eyeshadow palettes. Urban Decay offer a range of different eyeshadow palettes, ranging from $42 (for 6 matte eyeshadows) to $78 palettes which come in Naked, Naked 2, Naked 3 and Naked Smokey (this one is sadly not yet available for purchase at Mecca).


naked palettes together

Photos taken from Urban Decay Website *Click image to visit UD online*

Although I wear eyeshadow everyday, I just cannot justify spending $78 on an eyeshadow palette, particularly given I don’t know how quickly it’ll take me to get through the entire thing.

As a result, I have noticed that other brands are bringing out similar palettes, for a fraction of the price, and so I decided to test them out an see if they:

  • Have strong pigment
  • Are easy to apply
  • Stay on all day (without the need for eyeshadow primer)
  • Come with a decent applicator (I’m not the type to bother with 100s of different makeup brushes)

Today I will be reviewing two of my newest purchases.

Lacura Beauty ‘Barely There’ Eyeshadow palette (Aldi’s beauty product line) Approx $10

barely there palette

barely there inside

I was very surprised that Aldi could deliver such great quality eyeshadow. This product ticks all four of my boxes. The pigment is lovely and strong, so there is no need to build up the colour. The applicator that comes with this compact is great for applying the colours, and has a small brush on the end which can be used for more precise application. These colours are just as strong at the end of the day as they are when applied first thing in the morning, which is more than I can say for my experiences with some of the more expensive/popular drugstore brands.

I am highly impressed! If you see one of these in an Aldi, snatch it up before someone else does! I’m not sure if Aldi will keep stocking Barely There as I did not notice it last time I was in store, however it may be a good idea to keep popping in just in case they come out with a number 2 or 3!

BYS ‘Nude 2’ Eyeshadow palette (They also have their previous palette available called ‘Nude’, however this one is very similar to my Aldi palette so I figured I’d opt for Nude 2 instead). Approx $14

nude palette

nude 2 inside

As for BYS, at first I was skeptical. This brand to me has always seemed a bit cheap and nasty. However, this product totally surprised me. For starters, it looks like BYS have spent more money on packaging than usual, as the compact is very neat and does have a noticeable resemblance to the UD palettes, which is how it caught my eye in the first place.

inside naked palette open

After religiously using my Lacura Beauty palette, I had doubts that this one could even come close to competing with my new favourite. However, I was wrong again. I picked one of these up from Kmart and figured if I didn’t like it, I was only down $14 dollars. This product is fantastic. It takes a few days to wear in the eyeshadow applicator (It’s better once it’s saturated in eyeshadow…. strangely this makes applying colours much easier than when the applicator is brand new), but after a couple of days of using the eyeshadow everything was properly worn in and the eyeshadows were slightly looser making them easier to apply (but not loose to the point of breakage or serious mess!). This palette delivers strong pigment, is easy to apply and lasts all day.

Here are some photos I took on various occasions wearing the different colours (mostly of browns and golds)

all three
Thanks for reading,

Please let me know in the comments if you’ve got any favourite eyeshadow palettes that I could try!

Lily xo

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