Australis ‘Bronzeyed Girl’ Eyeshadow Palette Review

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Today I was wandering around Kmart (Kmart stock a slightly different range to Priceline which means a few products that I don’t usually see tend to pop up here) and I came across this eyeshadow palette by Australis. As I already have the AConTour palette (of which I am a big fan) I figured for $9.75 it was definitely worth giving this newbie a try.


As you can see there are six earthy-bronze shades to choose from, and the pigmentation of the colours is quite striking. The online reviews on the product suggest that the formula is long-lasting and that the pigment is not only strong in the palette but also after being applied to the eyes, although many reviews recommended using the eyeshadows with a primer to really make the colours stand out.

IMG_4538 2

I am going to use these colours without a primer and write my review below. If the colours are lacking, I’ll try again with a primer. However, I tend to find if the eyeshadows are good quality then a primer isn’t necessary for a long-wearing strong result.

“Australis Bronzeyed Girl Eyeshadow Palette features six shades in creative mixes of bronze, gold and copper. The palette includes shadows in earthy tones to enhance natural beauty. Whether it’s for those lazy lunches with friends or the evening soirée where the eyes take command, the Eyeshadow Palette will create the illusion of deepset highlight.” – Pharmacy Daily

The colour is certainly strong and very easy to apply to the eyelids. It is slightly annoying that the palette doesn’t come with an applicator, as I personally don’t bother too much with eyeshadow brushes and just prefer to use whatever I’ve got with me. However, if you do have a range of makeup brushes that you use then this is not a problem. Here are some photos I’ve taken of my makeup earlier today (and the colour is still as strong now as it was when I first applied it!). I didn’t use a primer in the photos below, but I feel like I can understand where other users are coming from in saying it makes the colour ‘pop’, so I might give primer a try in the future and see if it makes much difference. I’ve also used a  highlighting eyeshadow (basically just a really bright white eyeshadow) to apply directly under the peak of my brow, as the yellow colour in the palette isn’t quite as bright as I’d usually use for highlighting (although other people may like the yellow shimmer as a more natural looking highlight).

open eye

I’ve numbered the eyeshadows so you can see which colours I have used and where I have applied them. Today I went with 1, 3, 4 and 6. As you can see in the pictures below, I used the yellow shimmer (1) in the inner corner of my eyes to brighten them, as well as underneath my brow (where I also applied the separate whiter eyeshadow directly under the peak). I then used the slightly warm light pink (3) across my eyelid, did the outer corner of my eye and the crease of my eyelid in the darker pink (6), which is slightly maroon in colour, and then I used number 4 to blend in the yellow and maroon in the outer side of my eyes near the end of my brows. You can also blend with a brush or your finger, although I don’t find this to be as effective.

application trio

The brown colour (number 5) is a beautiful chocolate colour and the orange colour (number 2) is a gorgeous bright orangey colour, a bit like a sunset. These colours go beautifully together with the yellow eyeshadow to create a bronze/gold/orange look. They are very bright, which makes me think you can definitely get away with these three without using a primer.

In the pictures below I used yellow (number one) on the inner corner of my eyes, orange (number 2) across my lids and the chocolate brown (number 5) in the crease and outer corners of my eyes. I also used the yellow to highlight under my brow, as well as a different white eyeshadow for a stronger highlight.


For ten dollars this palette is definitely worth the purchase, and for all you animal lovers out there, I have good news. Australis is 100% cruelty free. 

From the Australis site

From the Australis site

Thanks for reading! Please let me know if you’ve got any other Australis products that you’re in love with so I can check them out too!




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