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Just recently I was wandering around Highpoint Shopping Centre when something in the window of Ally Fashion caught my eye. In the racks right at the front of the store were an assortment of currently-trending turtleneck knit tops, in an array of different colours and styles.


Trending Knits

Ally Fashion is not somewhere that I shop. I’ve been in once or twice before and wasn’t particularly blown away by the pieces they were stocking. They seemed to be fairly basic staples (you know, long sleeves tees in 5 different colours), and I didn’t particularly notice any attention-grabbing statement items. However, as these knits that I spotted are currently ‘in’, I thought it might be worth taking a look to see if they’ve started to bring in more fast fashion pieces (and whether or not they’ve upped their prices in stocking these on-trend items).  I was pleasantly surprised. Ally Fashion stocks a lot of on-trend clothing. For starters, as soon as I walked into the store I was faced with a range of interesting designs and materials, and all at an incredibly reasonable price. Ally was also offering plenty of different sales promotions as well as a student discount, which I wasn’t previously aware of. I walked out of Ally with two items, both of which I have seen in very similar designs in other stores (and for a much more expensive price). I got a long sleeved ribbed button up top and a luxe cardi, which after using my student discount brought me to a grand total of $44.82! Pictured below is the ribbed top with buttons down the front. This wardrobe staple can be found in varying designs in a few different shops at the moment, however $12.99 is the cheapest I have seen yet.



You can purchase a similar design in Topshop for about $25, as well as American Apparel, which stocks the sleeved crop for a whopping $46!


The second item I purchased was the ‘Edge to Edge Luxe Cardi’ which caught my eye straight away. This loose knit is extremely soft to touch and feels just as good as the quality of the ‘Stretchy Slouch’ Topshop cardigan (which I had seen months earlier but was not prepared to fork out $100 for).

Topshop and Cotton On Cardigans

Topshop and Cotton On Cardigans

‘Luxe’ cardigans, like ribbed basics, are also very popular at the moment. So far I have also seen them in Sportsgirl (they stocked them at one point but I’m not sure if they still do) and Cotton On. I expected that Cotton On would offer a more reasonable price than Topshop for the cardi, however I found the price to be $70, which was much steeper than I was anticipating.  As a result, Ally’s ‘Edge to Edge Luxe Cardi’ is a total bargain. For $35.99 I could not walk past this great oversized knit.



If you are looking for a bargain, it is definitely worth popping into Ally. Below are some photos I’ve compiled off the site to give you an idea of some of the trendy items you can find hiding in the racks in-store and online.


‘Modern Minimalist’ Collection, Ally Fashion

'Party Perfect' Ally Fashion

‘Party Perfect’ Ally Fashion

'Laid Back Luxe' Collection by Ally Fashion

‘Laid Back Luxe’ Collection by Ally Fashion Free shipping on all orders over $35 (Australia Only)  Online size guide available 10% off student discount in-store ♥ I will definitely be visiting Ally Fashion again. Thanks for reading, If you know of any other great shops that stock trending pieces for a reasonable price, please share below in the comments! 


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