Do you want to lose weight?

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Sometimes simple changes to your diet can make a big difference.

Dieting to lose weight is difficult and doesn’t have a particularly high success rate. I have a new option for you, that you may not have considered until now. It is far easier to stop purchasing unhealthy drinks than to radically change your entire food routine. By substituting the drinks I have listed below for healthier options, like tea or water, you can lose a few kilos (and with minimal effort).

Here are a range of drinks that you may have on a daily basis.


539 calories, approximately 14.13 cubes of sugar.


Oh man, I personally love Oak. This one was a particularly tough one to come to terms with. It is also worth noting that on the nutrition information panel, an Oak Milk is actually two servings. So while you may glance at the back and think ‘270 calories is no big deal!’, you’re actually consuming 539 calories, unless you only plan on drinking half… or sharing. Ha!


188 calories, approximately 10.24 cubes of sugar

spring valley

This one could have made me cry. Well not really… but thinking back on all the times I passed up a soft drink because I felt like I was making the healthier choice in choosing an APPLE JUICE over a coke is a bit of a slap in the face, considering drinking one of these is actually worse than drinking a can of coke. Worse. Plus I just love apple juice.

COCA COLA (375ml)

161 calories, approximately 8.8 cubes of sugar


Again, how can this be better for you than Spring Valley Apple Juice?! If you don’t want to cut out unhealthy drinks, just making the swap from apple juice to coke would be a 27 calorie improvement in itself. Anyway. Consuming a can of coke is still bad for you, particularly if you do it regularly. This is definitely a ‘sometimes’ drink. And as it turns out, so is apple juice. God damn. Well you see my point. If you really cannot stop drinking Coke altogether, swap to Diet Coke- no sugar and only 2 calories.


117 calories, approximately 5.8 cubes of sugar


Personally I don’t drink these, but if you do, that’s almost six sugar cubes in one hit.


111 calories, approximately 5.8 cubes of sugar


Again, almost six cubes of sugar. This one has an easy substitute- real tea! With an actual tea bag! If you really need to, just add one sugar. It’s still a major improvement on the 6 or so cubes you’ll find in this one drink.


The amount of sugar in these drinks suggests that you are essentially having a dessert with every meal. If you have these drinks regularly, cutting these calories out of your daily life will substantially reduce the amount of calories you consume in a day, a week, and so on, which can have a fairly large impact overall on the amount of energy you need to be burning in order to lose weight (or at the very least maintain your current weight).

A simple fix would be to substitute the above drinks for water or a cup of tea. If you were drinking two of the above drinks a day, this can remove at least 200 or so calories from your daily intake. Hoorah!

Thanks for reading! I hope I have provided some insight that may assist you in making decisions with regard to these drinks from here on in. Also, my sincere apologies to those of you who liked apple juice.

To translate from kilojoules to calories, (when it wasn’t already listed on the nutrition information) I used Bupa’s Calorie Convertor
Disclaimer- Please not that I am not a dietician, and that in these photos I rounded up or down with the sugar cubes depending on how many grams of sugar each drink contained. After all, it is a real pain trying to grind up a sugar cube.

2 thoughts on “Do you want to lose weight?

    1. I’m sure the ingredient that go into coke certainly aren’t good for you- but there are far far less calories and no sugar. There is still sodium and probably other problematic ingredients, but they won’t be contributing to weight gain. 🙂


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