Lavish Collections

lavish store interior

Lavish Collections is a boutique clothing store located at 530 Mount Alexander road, in the inner city suburb Ascot Vale.

Louise, the founder of Lavish, has fantastic taste and great styling skills, and is passionate about providing her clients with affordable, on-trend clothing and accessories.

Lavish caters to stylish women of all ages, providing us with on-trend fashion at an incredibly affordable price. This allows for women to keep on-trend and able to update their wardrobes without breaking the bank. Louise stocks a range of fantastic essential basic items as well as statement pieces, keeping in tune with current trends and seasons.

model images

Lavish Collections outfits styled by Louise

Louise and I have been friends for approximately four years now, and as fashion retail is progressively shifting to incorporate online shopping and social media, she has expressed her interest in promoting her boutique online.

As a result ( together with her years of business experience and my marketing abilities), we have started an Instagram page featuring her new in-store pieces and stylised outfits. Using the Instagram application, we are able to simultaneously upload these images to her Facebook account where she can share her new pieces with her Facebook friends.

The next step we are considering is creating a Facebook page as a business, so that people do not have to ‘friend’ Lavish on Facebook, and can instead ‘like’ the page to receive updates in their newsfeed. This way, when people like the pictures posted to the page, this activity will show in their friend’s newsfeed’s and increase awareness surrounding Lavish.

Louise has also expressed an interest in using a variety of her customers to model her pieces online (with their permission), to demonstrate that Lavish can flatter women of many different ages and sizes.


Lavish Window Displays

I would highly recommend a visit to this unique boutique to fulfil all your fashion needs.

You can find Lavish Collections on Facebook at:

And on Instagram at:

this one for lavish

lavish windows

Lavish Pieces

Louise is in the process of updating her technology devices so that we can more easily upload these images to her social media platforms. Once these much needed updates have been made, you can expect these platforms to be regularly updated.

recent windows app


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