My YouTube Channel

I started my YouTube Channel at the beginning of 2015 and uploaded my first video on the 7th of March.


I film all of my videos using my MacBook Air Photo Booth application and edit all the footage using iMovie. So far, this has worked really well for me, although I find that the quality of the video is not as good as it could be if I had instead used a high quality video camera. This is something I will continue to experiment with to see what works best as I continue to create videos.

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 4.52.02 pm

Initially, I would upload a new video every week, and I did this for about a month. However, it has been increasingly difficult to maintain this routine given the progressively heavier work load that I have been faced with at uni.

I also find that I sometimes struggle to think of new ideas for youtube videos, unless I’m wowed by a new product and then inspired to make a video about it.

I have found that by following the comments and ‘views’ on each of my videos, I am able to see what is most popular, which I find very interesting. Originally, and not surprisingly, my first YouTube video (a tutorial on how to curl hair) had the most views out of my four current videos, and this was increasing at a faster rate than my newer videos that were not as popular. However, more recently I made a video on fake tanning, and I found that this video was extremely popular, and in half the time (within a month of being uploaded) had managed to reach 200 more views than my hair tutorial video. My fake tanning video is currently sitting on 900 views (30th May 2015), which is exciting and interesting to observe.

Fake Tanning video- YouTube Analytics

I have found that my video on Acne Treatment and Prevention video has also increased in views at a particularly fast rate, perhaps this is because people who are suffering with acne are taking the time to watch a full range of youtube videos in order to solve the problem.

YouTube enables you to view a range of analytics that can help you monitor your videos and understand a range of details about your audience, which I can use to better understand which videos will be more successful and why this is the case.

You can check out my channel here:


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